Marc Jacobs Fashion Collection

It seems Marc Jacobs collection spring-summer  fed glamorous girl in black and high heels. Perhaps he is not one of those who love the permanence, even if the previous collection was a success, he is always ready to go to the experiments. Last season was devoted to the return at the time of disco in the eighties. The new show was very theatrical. There was an impression that we got to the theater to play, perhaps at the opera or ballet. Only absolutely clear that this was a statement.

Someone noticed the similarity with the musicals «The King and I» in hairstyle models of strange sandals and eastern trousers. While on the other hand, maybe the collection was a totally different meaning. Models and images were very diverse and changing at breakneck speed. Dresses from the petals of chiffon decorated with pearls resembled work Zandra Rhodes.

Marc Jacobs started the show with a simple trench coat belted with a thin belt under the chest. More surprising was the make-up model, created in the image of Kabuki. Then we saw a lot of strange clothes: satin bra wearing shirts over, not the transparent trousers, not the leggings, short shorts, dresses from pieces and frills and a lot more of everything.

Bags in the new Marc Jacobs collection was voluminous and somewhat baggy with a long strap slung over his shoulder. Many bags were with fringe, small bags were decorated with strange brushes or large beads. Overall impression of the collection of Marc Jacobs 2010 – ambiguous. However, his genius is so strong that the most obscure and unpopular things with his light filing become trends. But to call the audience is quite a shock in his spirit.